If you need protections that are more robust than the base value under optional conditions, custom agreements can be used. I graduated from Harvard Law School and worked for three and a half years in a top 20 law firm in New York within the Acquisitions and Acquisitions Group. Since the beginning of my independent practice in 2020, I am the only buy-side lawyer in several multi-million dollar acquisitions. I have worked on numerous agreements, including share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and multi-million dollar Series A and B financings. I have also trained many legal entities, assisted in several partnership disputes and dealt with routine commercial contracts such as NAs. You can use z.B an IP award agreement that transfers the rights of one party (z.B. a freelancer you have engaged in the work – to another party. Or you can use a confidentiality agreement (for example. B a confidentiality agreement) in which each party is not required to disclose any material, knowledge or information within the contract. Thank you for your future answers.

I have a few questions about the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and the IP Agreement (Intellectual Property Right). I want to make these agreements before replacing Freelancer for my project. I`m studying a problem in the name of my somewhat paranoid grind to guarantee our property rights when my company uses free-lance upwork. I have seen several cases in which people have referred to article «8.6 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS» or the user agreement. I can`t find this article for the lfie of me. Can someone create a link? Contract design, mostly service contracts Designing IP-related contracts: – development of licensing/branding contracts – creation of content/design development/licensing/transfer/franchise contracts Erfahren in der Beratung in der Beratung in IN-Bezogenen Bezogenen Bezogenen Bezogenen: – Beratung in Bau-f-r-Miet-Angele Establishing corporate documents on rental work issues (policy, employment contract, certificates of assignment, etc.) – Trademark search, advice on contact protection ability Legal control of contacts High quality translation ENG-UK and RU-ENG Optional service terms contain sections on intellectual property and confidentiality. You can also discuss and sign a non-compete agreement separately with your freelancer. Upwork`s independent professionals know what the IP agreement is on the platform and they respect it.