This form is used in an uncontested divorce action or waiver or default. Carefully read page 4. You must NOT sign this form and waive your rights in the divorce process. Please speak to a lawyer before signing and quashing the terms of the automatic injunction. If you submit a special waiver to the court, your spouse can only terminate the divorce if: in your agreement, also known as a «determined verdict,» you can both agree to end your marriage or partnership at home. You can also consent: the terms of the separation agreement required the applicants [divorced woman] all their «right, title and interest for and for each and every property» of the spouse. The obvious importance of this clause lies in the fact that the applicant conveyed to the scammer any interest in the property to which she might have had a legitimate right or interest. It had no current interest in this policy, merely an expectation. The applicant could have, by this agreement or another, renounced or neglected her expectations in the policy, but this is very different from the wording of the agreement itself, which speaks of transmitting any interest to the property of the crook. Your spouse has filed for divorce and they have presented you with a document entitled «Waiver of Service» in which you are asked to sign it, have it notarized and return it.

But what does this document mean? As a general rule, I advise you not to sign the waiver of the service. If a waiver is the only document submitted to you for signature, it is obvious that some red flags are placed. The reason is that the waiver of service and notification was invoked in the case and states that you waive your right of formal notification, that you informally accept the original petition for divorce by providing you with a copy of it, you waive your right to be informed of other judicial information and that the case can be brought in court without you. The agreement does not renounce its political expectations and, in the absence of such a specific non-responsibility clause, we will not expose the agreement in such a way that it renounces its right to benefit from the directive. It is not the Tribunal`s duty to enter into new contracts for the parties, but only to interpret the contract as it is written.